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In The Flow

Nov 17, 2022

Winter is here in the Mountain West and that means SKIING! For those of us lucky enough to live near snow and skiable slopes, we must consider the nutrition demands of such activities. Particularly when it comes to backcountry ski touring or ski mountaineering (AKA skimo), there are legitimate safety and performance...

Nov 9, 2022

Paul Booth is a performance nutritionist (MSc, MA.Ed, MA, IOPN) who specializes in helping ultra and endurance athletes thrive. Hailing from the UK, Paul has an extensive professional background in academia as well as his own ultra-endurance pursuits.

We discuss performance nutrition for ultra athletes from training to...

Nov 2, 2022

In The Flow is back - after a summer away from the podcast I'm settling back into the groove (ahem, flow) of creativity and motivation to educate and inspire athletes to live and eat better in pursuit of performance.

This episode updates the listener on my summer endeavors, future goals for the show and my coaching...