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In The Flow

Sep 27, 2020

What determines how fast we run, ski, ride, or swim? How do we improve our endurance? This week on the podcast, I discuss the three major physiological determinants of endurance performance, why they matter and how to improve them, plus how nutrition is involved and why we need to also consider the big picture....

Sep 18, 2020

I speak with former pro cyclist, mom, sports nutritionist and bone health expert Anne Guzman on a variety of topics including relative energy deficiency in sport, bone health and nutrition, absolutism and dogmatism in nutrition, the role of the coach in the world of nutrition, and more. To learn more about Anne, visit

Sep 11, 2020

One of the greatest social issues and dilemmas of our time is something that almost all of us engage with every single day: social media. I’ve shared my thoughts on this before, have deleted my accounts many times, and just like a lot of us, really struggle with the addictive and mental aspects of these technologies....