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In The Flow

May 31, 2023

This week on the show I'm sharing my top 5 tips to help plant-based athletes dial in their nutrition for health and performance. In this short episode I'll cover some essential considerations, including:

  1. know your "why"
  2. prioritize energy availability and sync your nutrition with your training
  3. periodize fiber...

May 23, 2023

Rob Carter is an exercise physiologist, triathlete, endurance nerd, and fellow electronic music fan. We talk through a wide range of topics including the double-edged sword that is Strava, doping in triathlon, Fred Again.., finding meaning in sport beyond pure performance, and many more. 

To learn more about all things...

Apr 13, 2023

In The Flow is back. Change is in the air and it's time to refresh the podcast and get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

In this episode, I update on the happenings in my life and some exciting new changes, and kind of refresh the philosophy of In The Flow and what it is I'm doing here. To learn more about my...

Jan 6, 2023

Winter is upon us and with it the specific nutrition and hydration demands of pushing hard in cold temps. I'm thrilled to have Registered Dietitian Kylee Van Horn on the pod this week to discuss all things fueling, hydration, and strategies for winter endurance sport, plus nutrition philosophies, plant-based and...

Dec 15, 2022

My guest today is ultra-endurance cyclist and filmmaker, Josh Reid. Hailing from the UK, Josh has completed many incredible expeditions by bike, including a multi-month trip from China to England, and more recently competing in the Transcontinental race across Europe. 

Josh joins In The Flow to share stories from the...